Lovington Food Coalition

This post was originally viewed in the local newspaper, The Lovington Leader. People go hungry every day.  Hunger looks different depending on where you are in the world.  In some countries young children die because of a lack of food.  In America, death isn’t so likely, but hunger and a lack of nutrition is a … Continue reading Lovington Food Coalition


Open Communion

In the Church of the Nazarene, we practice open communion.  We participate in the Lord's Supper/Eucharist once a month during ordinary time and each week during Advent and Lent.  Communion is a sacrament.  It is a a sign of God's grace in our lives.  And this grace is offered to all and we remind our … Continue reading Open Communion

I don’t even know their names

In just over three years doing ministry in Lovington, NM, I have helped serve around 30 times in a local mobile food distribution to the poor in our community. Once a month a refrigerated semi truck full of produce, meat, bread, and other random snacks arrives at our church. There are usually around 100 people … Continue reading I don’t even know their names

Shapes: Fitting in everywhere, yet never really fitting.

The word SHAPE is really intriguing to me for some reason right now.  Maxwell just turned 1 year old and will hopefully be learning his shapes soon.  Ellie is in school and trying to master her letters, which are fundamentally shapes.  Hopefully she will be able to put these crazy looking shapes together in words … Continue reading Shapes: Fitting in everywhere, yet never really fitting.