Lovington Food Coalition

This post was originally viewed in the local newspaper, The Lovington Leader.

People go hungry every day.  Hunger looks different depending on where you are in the world.  In some countries young children die because of a lack of food.  In America, death isn’t so likely, but hunger and a lack of nutrition is a real issue.  In a town like Lovington, where the oilfield is the driving force of the economy, the needs for food assistance can be really high and really low.  Today, we are seeing the effects of a down oilfield economy.  Many people have lost their jobs.  Many people have had their pay cut tremendously. Because of this many people are trying to figure out how to pay for food and where their next meal is coming from.
The Lovington Food Coalition has seen this first hand and exists to fight hunger in Lovington.  Our food pantry located on Ave B across from the Lovington Leader is serving 50 families on average every week.  We are constantly ordering more food and stocking shelves.  We have an awesome group of volunteers led by Lauren Flemmons. Together they volunteer many hours each week to serve those in need.  Food can be donated at Bob’s Thriftway or you can donate food directly into the food pantry.  We have a dropbox in the window left of the door.
A huge part of the Lovington Food Coalition is our Back Snack Program.  We work in partnership with the Lovington School District to recognize students who are going home to empty cupboards and fridges. Last year we served 120 students providing food for them to take home over the weekend.  Rhonda Phillips the director of the Back Snack Program is already communicating with the school social workers to recognize students in need.  We anticipate even more children in the Back Snack Program this year.
We’re always looking for more volunteers to help fill bags and deliver them to the schools.  Rhonda and her team serve in this way every Thursday morning at the food pantry.  One great way to get involved is to simply donate.  We have calculated that it takes $200 per child for the entire school year!  This is a great way to care for the children in our community and be a part of feeding our kids.  Be on the lookout for a food drive happening at Bob’s Thriftway during the first couple weeks of September.  You can choose from a $10 bag or a $20 bag.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.
The mission of the Lovington Food Coalition is simple: To Feed Hungry People in Lovington. If you would like to learn more about us and see how you can get involved you can check out our Facebook Page where we post pictures and videos of what’s happening.  You can call pastor Aaron Tiffany (President) @ 575.396.4285.  You can also send checks to P.O. Box 726, Lovington, NM 88260.  All donations are tax deductible.  The Lovington Food Coalition is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.
We would like to thank Devon Energy (pictured below) for generously donating $15,000 for the third year in a row!  Devon Energy, a Fortune 500 Company, is based out of Oklahoma City, OK and operates locally in the “Delaware Basin”.  You can learn more about them at devonenergy.com.
We would also like to thank the generous donation of $7,000 from the women’s CREATE Conference put on by Cowboy Junction Church earlier this summer.  Their donation will go directly to the Back Snack Program which will feed 35 children for an entire school year!

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